MAKE TV was an integrated branded entertainment content for Sony’s “make.believe” campaign.
It was the first of its kind, “live interactive TV show” that allowed the audience to participate in creating a music video on live TV.
When the viewers downloaded “Dot Switch” to their smartphone, tablet, or PC,
they were able to activate the machines inside the TV show by pushing the switch.
The resulting music video had an end credit of all the participants’ names.
As a result, #dot_switch became a Twitter Trend in Japan, and more than 890,000 people watched the live show,
with over 7 million pushes recorded.

Create a music video for Karmin’s “Crash your party” via live TV,smartphone,tablet and PC.

Download the “Dot Switch” app to your smartphone, tablet, or
PC and push the switch to activate the sets in the live TV show.

13 unique machines were made based on the lyrics.

When the viewers connected to Twitter & Facebook and pushed
the Dot Switch, their names appeared on the Social Board.

The recorded show was made into a music video with all the
names of participants in the end credits.