This iPhone app is made to the promote the popular Japanese comic book Uchu-Kyodai (Space Brothers); a story about two siblings aspiring to be astronauts.This app allows people to participate & share the global simultaneous “jumping” experience.
The users will receive an alert to jump at the same time few times a week. Each of the user will be asked to jump after a countdown. The distance of the jump will be calculated using the iPhone’s accelerometer. After the jump, the number of participants are counted, and shown on the app. Depending on the collected distance of jumps, the users can receive special rewards. The ultimate goal is to accumulate the jumps together to reach the moon, and get a chance to win a trip out to space.


As soon as the app was released, this went viral via Twitter.

Tweets: 61100 tweets
Total Jumps: 53,108 people
Simultaneous Jumps:3,932 people
Total Distance:62km